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Designed by a College Clinic Nurse Practitioner; Uniquely designed for college students: Saves time and money!


The College Student First Aid Kit is individually assembled and uniquely created for the specific needs of college students. Developed by a college clinic nurse practitioner, the kit is comprehensive, well organized, and affordable. With over 30 different medications, ointments, creams, drops, tools, and wound care items, The College Student First Aid Kit will make your student’s college life… Healthier, Safer, and Smarter.

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Travel Kit Contents* 
Acetaminophen Single Dose Packs5 Packs
Ibuprofen Single Dose Packs5 Packs
Antihistamine Tablets Single Pack5 Packs
Multi-Symptom Flu/Cold1 Box
Stomach Relief Tablets1 Box
Sore Throat/Cough Lozenges1 Bag (10)
Decongestant Nasal spray1 oz Spray Bottle
Emergen-C. Immune +4 Packs
Meclizine Single Dose Packs5 Packs
Rehydration kit1 Pack
Antibiotic ointment5 Packs
Burn Ointment with lidocaine2 Packs
Regular Strip Band-Aids10
Band-Aids with Neosporin2
Patch Band-Aids5
Knuckle Band-Aids5
Kleenex1 Pack
Lip Balm1 Tube
Antibacterial Wipes10

"This is a great kit & makes a great graduation gift. As a family physician, our friends have requested I make first aid kits for grad gifts for their kids. This is a great value- I spent more than this for similar products for the kits that I used to make up. Now I can get these and just add my personal touches. Highly recommend! I will be ordering more."

"This kit is above and beyond my expectations! I have twins going to college this fall. This kit has given me some peace to know they will have everything they need to take care of minor illnesses. It's a little Mom away from home.... Thank you Beth!!"

"First, I'm a nurse. Second, I have a kid going to college out of state without a car. Making sure he has everything he needs has been at the forefront of my mind for weeks. I priced putting together a kit like this by shopping at the largest discount store in the world...the total was $130. This kit has everything! It's truly a college kit...not a open wound kit with a ton of laceration dressings. Well worth the money!"

- Busy Mom

"I bought this for my freshman college student. It's everything I would have thought about and more. It's so much more than a first aid kit. It's that plus over the counter meds for minor illnesses. (Even came with a splinter removal kit)! Great value for the price and I love the container which is like a small tacklebox."

"A perfect gift for college students! Couldn't ask for a more complete kit with a sturdy case to secure all inside. Customer service is top notch."

"Thank you so much! And as my son just rock!

This kit will save so much time for me in shopping for supplies and I would never have thought of half of the items you have included...not to mention what to store them in. Thanks again!"

4 reviews for Travel Kit

  1. Caroline Lascek (verified owner)

    I have purchased both the Ultimate and the Travel Kit as Graduation Gifts. The Travel kit is so well received and I love sending kids to school with the things they need at their fingertips. I’ll be getting my each of my Girl Scout troop members this item next year when they graduate for sure.

    • Beth Stewart


      Thanks so much for the nice review. In this time in our world, I feel like customers often rush to vent their frustrations and forget to take the time to express their positive feedback. I really appreciate the time you took to leave such a nice review. Your timing was perfect!!!
      Thanks again. And please let me know if I can help you in the future.
      Beth, Owner, The College Student First Aid Kit

  2. Pamela

    Love this product. Perfect for kids headed to college or anyone traveling. All items are individually-wrapped and are delivered in an easy to transport kit or bag. Thanks so much for this awesome resource.

  3. Beth Stewart

    You are welcome! Glad that you liked it!
    – Beth, Owner, TCSFAK

  4. Joshua Hall

    A great gift for on the go, perfect for the car!

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