College Life Made … Healthier, Safer, and Smarter!

Beth Palmer Stewart is a Certified Nurse Practitioner with over 25 years of healthcare experience working with children, adolescents, and young adults. A graduate of the University of Florida (BSN, 1992) and University of Missouri – Kansas City (MSN, 1996), Beth has two children currently in college and one more on the way.

Through her recent work with student patients in college campus clinics, and through her experiences with her own children, Beth recognized a need for a well-organized, comprehensive dorm room first aid kit. While standard first aid kits are readily available and often inexpensive, they are not tailored to the specific needs of a college student.

Most College Students tend to acquire very similar illnesses and they have similar type accidents. Although no kit can prepare for all of life’s little emergencies, the College Student First Aid kit is designed to address the most common health care needs of college students. With over 40 different medications, ointments, creams, drops, tools, and wound care items, Beth is confident that this kit will help college students everywhere!

Dorm Room & Travel First Aid - The College Student First Aid Kit

Ultimate Kit


Travel Kit


Doctor, Nurse & Mom Approved


"This is a great kit & makes a great graduation gift. As a family physician, our friends have requested I make first aid kits for grad gifts for their kids. This is a great value- I spent more than this for similar products for the kits that I used to make up. Now I can get these and just add my personal touches. Highly recommend! I will be ordering more."

"This kit is above and beyond my expectations! I have twins going to college this fall. This kit has given me some peace to know they will have everything they need to take care of minor illnesses. It's a little Mom away from home.... Thank you Beth!!"

"First, I'm a nurse. Second, I have a kid going to college out of state without a car. Making sure he has everything he needs has been at the forefront of my mind for weeks. I priced putting together a kit like this by shopping at the largest discount store in the world...the total was $130. This kit has everything! It's truly a college kit...not a open wound kit with a ton of laceration dressings. Well worth the money!"

- Busy Mom

"I bought this for my freshman college student. It's everything I would have thought about and more. It's so much more than a first aid kit. It's that plus over the counter meds for minor illnesses. (Even came with a splinter removal kit)! Great value for the price and I love the container which is like a small tacklebox."

"A perfect gift for college students! Couldn't ask for a more complete kit with a sturdy case to secure all inside. Customer service is top notch."

"Thank you so much! And as my son just rock!

This kit will save so much time for me in shopping for supplies and I would never have thought of half of the items you have included...not to mention what to store them in. Thanks again!"

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