WHAT’S INSIDE: First Aid Kit Contents

Ultimate Kit

Ultimate Kit Contents* 
Acetaminophen Single Dose Packs1 Bottle (30)
Ibuprofen Single Dose Packs1 Bottle (30)
Antihistamine Tablets1 Bottle (30)
Multi-Symptom Cold/Flu1 Box (20)
Tums®1 Roll (12)
Anti-Diarrheal1 Box (12)
Meclizine anti-nausea1 Box (12)
Sore Throat/Cough Lozenges1 Bag (30)
Decongestant Nasal Spray1 oz Spray
Emergen-C® Immune+4 Packs
Rehydration Kit1 Kit
Antibiotic Ointment1 Tube
Hydrocortisone Cream1 Tube
Burn Ointment with Lidocane8 Packs
Antifungal Cream1 Tube
Wound Care: 
Gloves4 Pair
Antiseptic Spray1 Bottle
First Aide Tape1 Roll
Band-Aids® (various sizes)1 Bag (35)
Gauze Sponge4 Included
Eye Care: 
Murine® Plus1 Bottle
Emergency Eye Wash1 Bottle
Miscellaneous Supplies: 
Digital Thermometer1 Unit
Elastic, Self-closure Ace® Wrap1 Wrap
Alcohol Pads8 Pads
Tweezers1 Pair
Bandage Scissors1 Pair
Kleenex®1 Pack
Instant Cold Pack1 Pack
Reuseable Hot/Cold Pack1 Pack
Lip Balm1 Tube
Splinter Out1 Kit (10)

Hand Sanitizer

1 Bottle



Travel Kit

Travel Kit Contents* 
Acetaminophen single dose packs5 packs
Ibuprofen single dose packs5 packs
Antihistamine tablets single pack5 packs
Multi -symptom Flu/cold1 box
Tums1 roll (12)
Anti-diarrheal1 box
Sore throat/cough lozenges1 bag (10)
Decongestant Nasal spray30 ml. spray
Emergen-C. Immune +4 packs
Meclizine single dose packs5 packs
Rehydration kit1 pack
Antibiotic ointment5 packs
Burn Ointment with lidocaine2 packs
Regular Strip Band-Aids10
Band-Aids with Neosporin2
Patch Band-Aids5
Knuckle Band-Aids5
Kleenex1 pack
Lip Balm1 tube
Antibacterial wipes1 pack (10)

*Quantites may change based on availability.

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